Why I Stopped Skipping the Bad Parts

We’ve had this book of nursery rhymes since my oldest was a baby. It’s a board book with bright colors. All three of my kids have enjoyed it.

But have you ever actually listened to nursery rhymes? Sometimes they don’t make a whole lot of sense. Like why would a feather be called macaroni, Yankee Doodle? And we always picture Humpty Dumpty as an egg, but the words never mention that.

Other nursery rhymes can straight up be violent, and I would always just skip those. Then one day, the kids were old enough to realize I was passing over a few pages. Of course, they asked why. When I told them I wasn’t comfortable with some of the nursery rhymes, that made them more interested.

This is my latest piece published on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog. Read the rest by clicking here.


Why I Stopped Skipping the Bad Parts

5 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Skipping the Bad Parts

  1. I like your approach to re-writing these nursery rhymes. I agree that some of them are downright macabre. You’ve got a handle on this Mom thing, using what’s at hand as a lesson in how to be a better person. Good idea

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  2. Wow!! I don’t remember the nursery rhymes being so violent when I read them. I guess I never thought about it as a kid. I love that your kiddos rewrote the rhymes.


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