The Moms Supporting Moms Holiday Shopping Guide

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I know that direct sales can get a bad rap from those with tacky and aggressive tactics, but I also know some of these direct salespeople personally. Some of these people just so happen to be mamas who are not the obnoxious type. They are just women who have created something or found a product they believe in and are trying to bust their tails for their families in a non-invasive way.

As the holidays approach I would like to ask that before you spend your hard-earned dollars at a big box store or head over to an online giant retailer, check out what these lovely ladies have to offer. These are women I know and am 100% confident recommending. These are women who agreed to help cross-promote and support one another. These are amazing, hard-working women that have items worth your time.

So I have no qualms about shamelessly asking if you will share this post on one of your many social media outlets. Join their Facebook groups if you aren’t ready to purchase now. I would appreciate it if you would just check out something here that sounds interesting to you. I am asking that this holiday season you consider supporting a mom who is helping support her family. 

The Moms Supporting Moms Holiday Shopping Guide


Jennifer Garrett-Jones is my cousin who sells Thirty One Gifts.

my thirty one wallet pic

For the last 15 years, Jennifer was blessed to work with international relief and development organizations. At Hunger Relief International she served as Director of Donor Relations & Communications. Just as she began having children and watching them grow, the need for supplemental income to support all their activities grew too. In addition, several newly identified medical diagnoses forced her to step back and work part-time.

Thirty-One Gifts provides a fun, healthy avenue for her to meet some of these unforeseen expenses and share products that are useful for all homes. Thirty-One products include personalized totes, pillows, handbags, purses, thermals, duffles, travel bags, and wallets. They provide affordable, quality gifts for yourself, your loved ones, and your home. Jennifer shares weekly deals, monthly specials, and other bargains.

Join her Facebook group by clicking here.

Check out her website by clicking here.



Cynthia Brantley is a local mama who sells Dot Dot Smile.

Dot Dot Smile is a brand my daughter and I have fallen in love with. It started with twirly dresses in fun prints that she could play in or wear to church. It’s expanded to fun clothes for my son and baby too. Cynthia is the best and worked hard to find the perfect donut print to present to my daughter on her special 5th birthday. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of Dot Dot Smile and Cynthia. I’ve personally spent waaayyy too much money with Dot Dot Smile but can’t wait to spend more. Seriously.

Join her Facebook group by clicking here.

Check out her website by clicking here.



Brittni Brown is a co-contributor on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog who sells Usborne Books & More.

Brittni is a fellow blogger and Usborne Books & More Consultant. Brittni is a devoted wife and mama who has a passion for sharing how to live simply all while incorporating a love of reading. She also enjoys creating the Blossom Box, a nature-inspired play dough kit that includes a wonderful Usborne Books & More book with every box. She loves sharing her passion for reading and literacy through her book business and truly sees the impact it has had on her family! You can find her through many sources.

Join her Facebook groups:
Click here for her book club.
Click here for her personal blog.

Follow her on Instagram:
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Check out her personal blog here:



Deanna Wiles is my book club buddy from Calligraphy By Deanna.Deanna Wiles.jpg

Deanna started Calligraphy By Deanna on a whim, thinking it just might be a way to get out some creative energy while teaching high school Spanish. In a surprise twist, it actually took off! Now she operates her Etsy shop while running a home with her three kiddos. During the holidays her top sellers are hand-lettered address stamps and custom stationery sets. These are handmade and truly one of a kind gifts. This year she is also selling custom Christmas ornaments. Check out her calligraphy website by clicking here.

Bonus, if you are local you can use her the next time you need family pictures because she does photography too. OKC/Moore/Norman area peeps, join her photography Facebook group by clicking here.



Kelli Bruemmer is a co-contributor on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog and sells Beauty Counter.


Kelli Bruemmer is an Oklahoma City native, former law enforcement officer, Senior Manager with Beautycounter, and lover of all things cooking show related. She and her husband have one daughter, Maevyn, who just turned 6. Maevyn has autism, and every day is a new adventure in discovering how her incredible mind works.

Beautycounter is leading the pack in making sure that everyone has access to beauty products made with safer ingredients. Focused on advocacy, legislative change, clean product development, and education, Beautycounter doesn’t sacrifice performance OR safety. To get $10 off your first order of $150+, contact Kelli before you order and mention this blog post.

Join her Facebook group by clicking here.

Check out her website by clicking here.



Kenzie Keck is a co-contributor on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog from Cold Coffee Mamas.

Kenzie and Meredeth met in college 9 years ago. They have been friends through graduating from college, getting married, and starting their own families. They have 5 kids between them. Both have really enjoyed making sensory bins and toys for their kids.

They decided to start Cold Coffee Mamas when they saw how well their kids would sit and play with a playdoh kit or sensory bin. It was the perfect time for them to drink a hot cup of coffee while watching their crazy kids sit still and use their imaginations to create.

Sensory play is so important for young children, and a hot cup of coffee is something a lot of moms crave. Kenzie and Meredeth hope that their playdoh kits, rice bins, and baby sensory bottles and bags decrease the number of times you have to reheat your coffee and increase some fun and imaginative play in your child!

Join their Facebook group by clicking here.

Check out their website by clicking here.



Felica Garrett is my cousin who sells Farmasi.

Felica Farmasi

Due to her husband’s medical conditions, Felica is the primary breadwinner for her family. When the oil and gas company she had been with for 11 years relocated, she decided she couldn’t uproot her family. While looking for a new career path, she decided to sell Farmasi. This was the perfect opportunity to take care of her own skin, not break the bank, and have some income to help her family stay afloat between jobs.

Farmasi is a brand new European cosmetic company that just came to the US. Europe bans around 1,300 ingredients while the US bans around 11. So these products avoid a lot of unnecessary content. The pigments are rich and the products last all day. The quality is outstanding ANNND most items are UNDER $20!

Join her Facebook group by clicking here.

Check out her website by clicking here.



Danielle McCutchen is a local mom available for organizing and cleaning.

OKC/Moore/Norman area people, I have the answer to your problems. Danielle.

Danielle is a busy, working mom of 4 who understands the world of not having enough time for cleaning, decluttering and organizing. She wants to help YOU though! Let her share her love of order and cleaning by helping you organize your pantry, closets, cabinets, garage, or anything else BEFORE you have guests come over this holiday season. Even better though, she can come AFTER everyone leaves to clean up, vacuum, sweep, dust blinds, clean ceiling fans, and deep clean bathrooms.

Danielle does this on the side to help her family, but she also truly enjoys helping other busy moms out. For availability and rates, shoot her an email at


Thanks for browsing and shopping with these amazing moms. I hope you found something you love.

14 thoughts on “The Moms Supporting Moms Holiday Shopping Guide

  1. Love this, Lacey! So sweet of you to support & share these shops with us. I’ve been looking on Etsy for gifts this year instead of going to big box stores so I will definitely check out these sites. The Farmasi makeup has def caught my eye the most. 😊

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