Week in Review

Week in Review 11/1/2019

We had a fun week, but I am glad it’s Friday! How about you?

Food · Meaty Main Dishes

Tex-Mex Cornbread Casserole

It has felt like fall in Oklahoma for a good two weeks. . . and now it feels like winter is upon us. Did anyone else pull out their heavy coats this morning? The change of the season(s) has had me in full-blown comfort food mode. This Tex-Mex Cornbread Casserole was concocted from delaying a… Continue reading Tex-Mex Cornbread Casserole


Why I Stopped Skipping the Bad Parts

We’ve had this book of nursery rhymes since my oldest was a baby. It’s a board book with bright colors. All three of my kids have enjoyed it. But have you ever actually listened to nursery rhymes? Sometimes they don’t make a whole lot of sense. Like why would a feather be called macaroni, Yankee Doodle? And… Continue reading Why I Stopped Skipping the Bad Parts