The Moms Supporting Moms Holiday Shopping Guide

As the holidays approach I would like to ask that before you spend your hard-earned dollars at a big box store or head over to an online giant retailer, check out what these lovely ladies have to offer. These are women I know and am 100% confident recommending. These are women who agreed to help cross-promote and support one another. These are amazing, hard-working women that have items worth your time.


Why I Stopped Skipping the Bad Parts

We’ve had this book of nursery rhymes since my oldest was a baby. It’s a board book with bright colors. All three of my kids have enjoyed it. But have you ever actually listened to nursery rhymes? Sometimes they don’t make a whole lot of sense. Like why would a feather be called macaroni, Yankee Doodle? And… Continue reading Why I Stopped Skipping the Bad Parts


Oh, how I love school performances.

Oh, how I love school performances. Granted, my oldest kids are in Kindergarten and 1st-grade. So we haven’t had many. The ones we have been to though are sheer gold, true nuggets of parenting pleasure. Last night was Family Night at my kids’ school which included a BUSY book fair. My 5 year old politely… Continue reading Oh, how I love school performances.


A Kinda Sad (But Also Happy) 1st Birthday

I know birthdays are supposed to be happy, but I couldn’t help feel a little sad about Delta’s 1st birthday last week. This beautiful blue-eyed girl is our last baby. I know from experience how fast it goes by. So I thought I could slow down and enjoy this time more. It still feels like… Continue reading A Kinda Sad (But Also Happy) 1st Birthday


My middle child was getting overlooked.

As the middle child myself, when I was younger, I didn’t feel like there was anything special about me and my role in our family. I wasn’t the oldest. I wasn’t the youngest. I wasn’t the only boy or the only girl. I was just there. I was there in the middle, with nothing innately… Continue reading My middle child was getting overlooked.


DIY Homework Station

Do you want to know what I was not expecting when my oldest started Kindergarten? Homework. So when he immediately came home with a worksheet a night, we scrambled. I mean we had already just spent a bazillion dollars on supplies, but I sent all of those to school! So I was not prepared for… Continue reading DIY Homework Station

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The Easiest (but Ulitmate) After School Snacks

We are still back to school focused at my house right now, and what’s on our minds? Supplies? Clothes? Nope. Food! That’s right. We’ve been playing around with weekday breakfast ideas, practicing for lunchtime in the cafeteria, and now we are dreaming up perfect after school snacks. I vividly remember coming through the front door… Continue reading The Easiest (but Ulitmate) After School Snacks