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Easy Homemade Chili

I know it’s still blazing hot out guys. I’m jonesing for fall though and bet you are too. So make this now or pin it for later. Either way, keep this chili recipe. It’s easy, delicious, and all homemade. Easy Homemade Chili Ingredients – 1-2 lbs ground meat. Sometimes I do a combination of hamburger/sausage/turkey/buffalo,… Continue reading Easy Homemade Chili

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Instant Pot Beef and Vegetable Soup

It’s November, and we’ve already had our first snow. That might not seem crazy to some, but here in Oklahoma it was a bit early. So of course we have started to fill our pots with chili, stews, and soups. This beef and vegetable soup has been a perfect quick dump dish for our cold… Continue reading Instant Pot Beef and Vegetable Soup

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5 Soup Recipes You Need This Winter

Where are my soup eaters at? For me there is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup when it’s cold outside. Okay one thing maybe better, a good bowl of soup served with some good bread. Here are my 5 favorite soups to keep your tummy full and comforted all winter long. Enjoy!  … Continue reading 5 Soup Recipes You Need This Winter

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White Bean Chicken Chili

I decided I wanted to make a white bean chicken chili this weekend because I wanted chili to eat while we watched the OU/Texas game (BOOMER SOONER). We didn’t have any beef on hand, but we did have white beans and chicken. I in no way expected this to be as satisfying as a beef… Continue reading White Bean Chicken Chili

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Roasted Acorn Squash Soup

There is a chance of rain almost every day this week.Since springtime in Oklahoma can never make up it’s mind, it is still soup weather. This is an easy recipe but the roasting does take some time. I made it on a lazy Saturday, topped it with Homemade Croutons, and served with a green salad. It… Continue reading Roasted Acorn Squash Soup

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2 black eyed pea recipes for New Years (even if you don’t like black eyed peas).

Whew! How was your Christmas? Does anyone else feel like you’ve sprinted a marathon through the month of  December?  We had the best holiday  yet. Even so I’m now ready to get back to normal. So looking on to New Years, what traditions do you have? We’ve always spent New Years Eve at home with… Continue reading 2 black eyed pea recipes for New Years (even if you don’t like black eyed peas).

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The “in between” holiday cooking: What do you make from Thanksgiving to Christmas?

What are your at menus at home like from Thanksgiving to Christmas outside of holiday baking? Do you try to keep meals lighter? Are you going to holiday parties and have a bare fridge? Is there really no change until it gets closer to the actual holiday? Our schedules are kind of guiding some newer… Continue reading The “in between” holiday cooking: What do you make from Thanksgiving to Christmas?

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Tortellini Soup

Well folks, it’s raining hard here today, AND it’s Friday. That means you should go ahead and treat yourself by making a pot of tortellini soup. This is a no fuss, can’t go wrong, will fill you up type of soup. We are soup eaters at my house, and as soup eaters this may just be… Continue reading Tortellini Soup