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Week in Review 3/30/18

Check out this week’s Week in Review for an accidental kid-centric (more so than usual) post.

At our house we converted a sandbox to a flower garden, did a low key gender reveal, and are supporting t-shirts for teachers.

How was your week?

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Garden Game: WHAT AM I GROWING?!?

I had planted a bunch of stuff and a bunch of other, different stuff is growing in our garden and in the corners of our yard. I posted pictures when it first started happening in one of my Week in Review posts. Since then it’s gotten crazier. We compost, and I used it when prepping… Continue reading Garden Game: WHAT AM I GROWING?!?

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Our Deep Mulch Garden and Other Updates

This year we are trying the deep mulch method for our little garden. Last fall we put down a few layers of newspaper where we wanted our plot to be this spring. Then we saved and piled on all of our grass clippings. Most of the grass under the newspaper/grass clippings died by the time spring got… Continue reading Our Deep Mulch Garden and Other Updates

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6 Tips for Gardening with Littles

I have a new piece over at the Oklahoma City Moms Blog site. Go check it out and share your own tips because I can use all the help I can get! 6 Tips for Gardening with Young Children Feel free to pin it, comment on it, or share on your Facebook page or other social media. Just in… Continue reading 6 Tips for Gardening with Littles

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Weird things are happening in the garden…

I didn’t feel well for a few days in a row and skipped checking on my okra plants. It was a bad move on my part. They are HUGE Tim Birton like monster okra now. They are more like wood and too tough to eat. Also I don’t ever remember them still producing into mid… Continue reading Weird things are happening in the garden…

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Wrapping up in the garden

We took advantage of the extra day off and pretty morning to wrap things up in our little garden. We picked the last of the herbs, basil and chives. The dill and cilantro have been used up already.  The okra plants are still going strong and probably will through September. I pickled some jars of… Continue reading Wrapping up in the garden

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I don’t post to brag. Here are some of my fails.

I work in an office at a desk and have for years. I think that’s why I enjoy cooking and gardening. I get to use my hands to make something. With cooking I enjoy taking different ingredients and making something else completely different when they are put together. With gardening I love the feel of… Continue reading I don’t post to brag. Here are some of my fails.