Week in Review

Week in Review 7/19/19

Uh, it was kinda a jam-packed week. It was also delicious. Read about it here, and tell me what you are up to this weekend.


10 FULL Days of Vacation

  I had 10 days off at the beginning of July, and I joke that I accidentally did a full midwest tour. It started with a girls trip to Eureka Springs that was truly rejuvenating. Shopping was done. Adult beverages were had. Deer were seen. Catching up took place. If you have never been there,… Continue reading 10 FULL Days of Vacation


When You Spend Maternity Leave With Your Husband…Twice

Somewhere in between having our first and second child, I became the breadwinner and my husband became a stay-at-home-dad. When the birth of our second child was approaching, I was excited. Not only was my daughter about to make her world debut, but I was glad to have extra help. I just knew with my husband at home, maternity… Continue reading When You Spend Maternity Leave With Your Husband…Twice