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Friday afternoon

It must be Friday afternoon because everyone is posting random thoughts. We all must be sitting here trying to move that countdown along. So here’s mine.

  • Time change. How can 1 hour make such a difference in a routine?
  • Food. I was so hungry before lunch I wanted to eat pizza and tacos and gyros and egg rolls and burgers and sushi and all the rest of the food in the world. I had a big lunch and now am now miserable.
  • Cadbury Eggs. Even though I’m stuffed now, will there still be Cadbury Eggs left to buy after Easter?!
  • Desserts. Why don’t restaurants have sampler dessert plates like they do appetizer plates?
  • Why am I still talking about food? I’m not even hungry, and probably won’t be until tomorrow!
  • Easter baskets. I keep seeing articles and posts about DIY Easter Baskets, and I am over here like, “My kids are getting sidewalk chalk and bubbles.”
  • Driving. On my commute this morning someone pulled out in front of me really quick but then started driving really slow. I looked and there was nobody behind me, not for miles. Ummmmm maybe you could have waited 10 seconds to turn.
  • Sleep. When will be the next time I can sleep and wake up without the help of an alarm or child?
  • Home. Is it time to go home yet? Noooooooo