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Double Downward Dog

  Mother’s Day Photo Contest Friends, can you take a second and go like a picture on Facebook of my daughter and I in a photo contest. Click the link above. We are the ones attempting yoga. Also my friend is the breastfeeding Captain America. Feel free to like hers too. Thank you!!!

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The Universe is Keeping this Mom in Check

  We had a really great weekend. I am going to admit that Friday night we binged watch season 2 of Fuller House and laughed more than I thought possible. Saturday was full of cooking and catching up on laundry and house stuff. Sunday though, Sunday we saw some action. The kids and I went… Continue reading The Universe is Keeping this Mom in Check


A Girl and Her Artwork

Earlier this week I posted A Boy And His Train Obsession about my son. I can’t leave his sister out though. Like I mentioned in the post about my son, I love watching my kids discover things they love. It’s probably the very best, most exciting feeling in the world. My daughter is a little artist. When… Continue reading A Girl and Her Artwork


My Daughter Prefers my Husband

My husband and I have an almost 4 year old son and an almost 2 year old daughter. You know the phrase ‘daddy’s girl”? Well I didn’t realize how true that could be. I do not think parents should have favorites. I think you can have favorite foods and books and movies, but I do not think… Continue reading My Daughter Prefers my Husband


8 Pictures that show the sense of humor of an 18 month old

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My last post got me thinking about how funny my daughter is. (https://bigandpinkytoes.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/so-i-thought-i-didnt-want-a-daughter/ ) How can she have such a strong sense of humor when she can barely speak? It’s so interesting to me how kids are born with personalities and preferences. So without any descriptions, here are 8 pictures… Continue reading 8 Pictures that show the sense of humor of an 18 month old


I thought I didn’t want a daughter . . .

So I thought I didn’t want a daughter. Not because I preferred a boy over a girl, but because I thought I would be doing a little girl a disservice to be her mother. When I was around 7 or 8 my hair was very thin. I think my mom was advised to cut it… Continue reading I thought I didn’t want a daughter . . .