My Love Letter to October

In a post from over 2 weeks ago I talked about how I had been having migraines and just feeling run down. My headaches have been better, but I have still been dragging. And. I. Mean. Drrraaaaaaaggging. I know my poor husband and co-workers are tired of me going through the motions like an extra from… Continue reading My Love Letter to October

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Wrapping up in the garden

We took advantage of the extra day off and pretty morning to wrap things up in our little garden. We picked the last of the herbs, basil and chives. The dill and cilantro have been used up already.  The okra plants are still going strong and probably will through September. I pickled some jars of… Continue reading Wrapping up in the garden

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Ready for Fall – A Meet and Greet

Thanks for stopping by the Meet and Greet. Is everyone else as ready for Fall as I am? I thought it would be fun to do a recipe share. If you aren’t a recipe/food person you are still welcome to join the party. Let’s get started!   For bloggers share your blog link, and tell… Continue reading Ready for Fall – A Meet and Greet

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Remember the “Get Ready for Fall” Meet and Greet this Saturday

In my last two posts, Blog Reading Time Management and I have a Question for my Fellow Bloggers, I talked some about how I try not to blog at home. Because it’s a three day weekend and because for some crazy, miracle of a reason we have zero plans (YAY!), that rule is getting broken. I’m so… Continue reading Remember the “Get Ready for Fall” Meet and Greet this Saturday