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Pickled Okra Recipe

  Friends, this recipe has been in the works for three years.  That’s how long I have tried different variations of pickling the extra okra we’ve grown in the garden. THREE YEARS!!! I never quite liked the way the others turned out. Getting the seasoning and vinegar flavoring right has been tricky. This year though… Continue reading Pickled Okra Recipe

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Wrapping up in the garden

We took advantage of the extra day off and pretty morning to wrap things up in our little garden. We picked the last of the herbs, basil and chives. The dill and cilantro have been used up already.  The okra plants are still going strong and probably will through September. I pickled some jars of… Continue reading Wrapping up in the garden


Sooo August…. Where did you go?

My last few posts I’ve yammered on about how busy we’ve been. I looked at a calendar today and couldn’t believe it’s September. The two biggest things going on this month were getting my little guy ready for preK  and my little lady turning 2. We had a mural painting party for Riley by using… Continue reading Sooo August…. Where did you go?

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I don’t post to brag. Here are some of my fails.

I work in an office at a desk and have for years. I think that’s why I enjoy cooking and gardening. I get to use my hands to make something. With cooking I enjoy taking different ingredients and making something else completely different when they are put together. With gardening I love the feel of… Continue reading I don’t post to brag. Here are some of my fails.

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What I’ve learned from the garden this year.

You may or may not remember from my other gardening posts that this year I decided to plant herbs in the front bed instead of in containers, try a kids gardening corner to keep them from pulling up everything that grew, and then planted a few veggies in another corner. It was all very experimental. So here’s… Continue reading What I’ve learned from the garden this year.

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Garden Update

If you read Gardening Corner for the Kids or Prepping the Garden you may remember that this year in an attempt to keep the kids and rabbits from picking, eating, and trampling whatever I try to grow I planted some herbs in our front beds, made a gardening corner for the kids in one corner of the backyard, and… Continue reading Garden Update

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Gardening Corner for the Kids

In my post Prepping the Garden you all gave some really helpful advice on how to keep my kiddos engaged with gardening while trying to keep them from pulling up everything that grows. This weekend we dedicated a corner of the yard to them for gardening. This is where they can dig and pull and plant all they… Continue reading Gardening Corner for the Kids


We’re kinda professionals at having awesome weekends.

My Sunday night/Monday morning blues are not as bad since my newer job has my commute time cut in half and is way less stressful. I don’t know if it will totally ever go away because leaving my family can down right suck. We had a great weekend though. Our friends invited us over for… Continue reading We’re kinda professionals at having awesome weekends.

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Prepping “the garden”

It has been sunny, in the low 70s, and the wind is calmer than usual. So we worked and played in the yard, including the garden, all weekend long. When I use the term garden here, I am using it loosely. While I would love to have a giant vegetable garden, my 1 and 3… Continue reading Prepping “the garden”