Reblog: 5 Points I Want The Childfree To Consider — Bubbles and Beebots

There are so many times I read Erin’s blog and I’m thinking “Oh she gets it.” or “Oh she gets me.” or “Oh that’s something to think about.” This post was no different. I’ve posted about pre-kid judgmental me before. Really the fact is that for society to keep going, children will have to be… Continue reading Reblog: 5 Points I Want The Childfree To Consider — Bubbles and Beebots

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The Universe is Keeping this Mom in Check

  We had a really great weekend. I am going to admit that Friday night we binged watch season 2 of Fuller House and laughed more than I thought possible. Saturday was full of cooking and catching up on laundry and house stuff. Sunday though, Sunday we saw some action. The kids and I went… Continue reading The Universe is Keeping this Mom in Check


My Love Letter to October

In a post from over 2 weeks ago I talked about how I had been having migraines and just feeling run down. My headaches have been better, but I have still been dragging. And. I. Mean. Drrraaaaaaaggging. I know my poor husband and co-workers are tired of me going through the motions like an extra from… Continue reading My Love Letter to October

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I’m taking over the moms blog Instagram today!

I’m taking over the moms blog Instagram today! Follow along at okcmomsblog or #okcmbcontributortakeover. Just in case you don’t know, I am excited to be a contributing writer on Oklahoma City Moms Blog. It’s a collaborative mom blogging site that I’ve been following on social media. It’s apart of City Moms Blog Network. So even if… Continue reading I’m taking over the moms blog Instagram today!


Will My Son Starting School Ease my Working Mom Guilt? – My first Oklahoma City Moms Blog Post!!!

It’s here! It’s here! My first post for the Oklahoma City Moms Blog has been published. Check it out.        


T.I.R.E.D that spells tired.

Why after a fairly low key weekend did I not show up to work bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning? Weeeelllll it may have a little something to do with staying up to watch the Game of Thrones finale. I mean after last weeks episode I HAD to. It has a lot more to do… Continue reading T.I.R.E.D that spells tired.


Why We Don’t Visit More

Last week I took my kids to visit their great-grandmother who lives about 3 hours away. As we were leaving she thanked us and said she knows it is hard to get up to visit. It’s true. It is hard. I think a lot of it is the ages my kids are right now, just… Continue reading Why We Don’t Visit More


I don’t care if it bothers you when I talk about my kids.

I see you being kid-less and pitying people with kids because you think they need a life and interests outside of their children. I see you. Heck, I used to be you. Even though I understand how you feel, I don’t give a shit.