Becoming a Mom Made Me a Crybaby

“Before having kids I rarely cried. In fact, it might have been weird how little I cried. Emotional moments around other people made me uncomfortable. It’s not like the end of The Notebook isn’t sob worthy. I just didn’t ever want to share that with the people I was watching it with. I was going… Continue reading Becoming a Mom Made Me a Crybaby


Reflecting about Mother’s Day

I was having a beautiful Mother’s Day. Then I took a moment and scrolled through social media. (I know! Bad mom! Why did I do that?) I know Mother’s Day can be hard for those who have lost loved ones, who are struggling to conceive or adopt, or those with strained relationships. This was the first… Continue reading Reflecting about Mother’s Day

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A Breakup Letter To My 20s

Dear 20s, Sooooo ummmm we really had fun. I mean we may have had too much fun even. I know during our time together I went to school and got a degree and worked my tail off. But I also know that we tested the endurance of my liver, and to be honest, really I… Continue reading A Breakup Letter To My 20s


A Boy And His Train Obsession

Kids go through phases, but my son’s train phase has been long lived for a little boy, over a year. We call him train obsessed. As a mom I love watching my kids discover things they love. I never thought I’d ever get excited to get stuck at a railroad crossing. Now I think of it… Continue reading A Boy And His Train Obsession


Will My Son Starting School Ease my Working Mom Guilt? – My first Oklahoma City Moms Blog Post!!!

It’s here! It’s here! My first post for the Oklahoma City Moms Blog has been published. Check it out.