Becoming a Mom Made Me a Crybaby

“Before having kids I rarely cried. In fact, it might have been weird how little I cried. Emotional moments around other people made me uncomfortable. It’s not like the end of The Notebook isn’t sob worthy. I just didn’t ever want to share that with the people I was watching it with. I was going… Continue reading Becoming a Mom Made Me a Crybaby

Week in Review

Week in Review 3/10/17

Thanks for checking out my new weekly series Week in Review! 1) Did you miss this post? Let’s talk about our kids and their right to privacy is a post from January that started a pretty decent discussion on some of my social media pages about what people think we should and should not be posting… Continue reading Week in Review 3/10/17

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A Breakup Letter To My 20s

Dear 20s, Sooooo ummmm we really had fun. I mean we may have had too much fun even. I know during our time together I went to school and got a degree and worked my tail off. But I also know that we tested the endurance of my liver, and to be honest, really I… Continue reading A Breakup Letter To My 20s