Week in Review

My 1st Week in Review: A new weekly series

I am going to try something new. If you’ve read my blog for more than a second you know it’s all over the place between kids, food, books, movies, other randomness. You may also know, I like that because, well I do what I want… regarding my blog. But I am trying to create something semi consistent.… Continue reading My 1st Week in Review: A new weekly series

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Asian Pork Tacos

In the recent past I’ve started to look for ways to get us out of our at home food rut. So I’ve been brainstorming how to keep recipes simple but add a twist. This recipe is a product of that. These tacos turned out better than I was expecting and will probably making their way… Continue reading Asian Pork Tacos

Food · Meaty Main Dishes

Indian Tacos

My step-dad has been my step-dad since I was in the about the third grade. He’s Native American. We grew up attending the occasional pow wow, and my mom would make the occasional Indian Taco. I hadn’t had an Indian Taco in years, and out of nowhere got inspired to make them. We actually usually… Continue reading Indian Tacos