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Horse Tank Swimming Pool

We went to my dad and step-mom’s farm for the 4th. They created a kids paradise. You are looking at a horse tank of water (clean of course!) with a slide held up by hay bales. So much fun! My son had a grin every time he went down. My daughter had to keep up with the big kids. The cousins had a great time too. 

How did you spend your holiday?

20 thoughts on “Horse Tank Swimming Pool

  1. Ha ha – so much fun. I love it!! I was at my spiritual Conference in Los Angeles. On the 4th, we were at what’s called a “BlessingsFest”, which is an opportunity to focus our attention on the blessings that already are. And eat some really YUMMY FOOD! 🙂 Blessings to you, good to connect.

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  2. What a great and fun idea for a pool! Looks like you all had fun with it. In Canada we celebrate on July 1st which still gave us a long weekend this year. It was very quiet for us this year, but nice.

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  3. Looks like a very fun weekend for you and the kids! ☺ My in-laws came to visit so my little girl’s enjoying the time with cousins. We’re on our way to watch a movie!

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