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Our Deep Mulch Garden and Other Updates

This year we are trying the deep mulch method for our little garden. Last fall we put down a few layers of newspaper where we wanted our plot to be this spring. Then we saved and piled on all of our grass clippings. Most of the grass under the newspaper/grass clippings died by the time spring got here this year.

Naturally my son thought we had made a parking lot for his toy car.


I was able to till out a few rows in the designated plot area and then work some compost in. The idea is to keep adding grass clippings between and outside the rows to cut down on or eliminate weeding. I don’t know about the weeding yet, but so far I can say for sure that prepping the plot was easier than tilling.


Currently it is coming right along. We are doing 4 rows: one with arugula and butter lettuce, one with broccoli, one with cauliflower, and one with cucumber. It gets so hot in Oklahoma that anytime I’ve tried to plant lettuce it toasts up. I planted it earlier this time though, and it’s coming along much better than previous attempts.


Then there is this one random corner . . . Last year this spot produced a ton of squash and okra, no garlic (even though we planted it), and pumpkin plants that got eaten up by squash bugs. I didn’t clean up this corner AT ALL. Instead I dumped some leftover compost on it. Now there are a few different things sprouting there, but I don’t know what. So I am just going to let it grow and play a game of “wait and see what grows”.


Lastly, we plant herbs in our front bed instead of flowers. So far the dill and cilantro are spouting. We may end up having to grow some basil in pots. It just doesn’t seem to like this spot.

What are you planting? How’s it coming along?

15 thoughts on “Our Deep Mulch Garden and Other Updates

  1. We planted cucumbers and pumpkins. We also have a tomato plant, in a vase, and a blackberry bush in our backyard. It gets hot in Tennessee. So far so good, but it’s early in the season. We may have planted carrots as well.

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    1. My pumpkins last year got eaten very quickly by squash bugs. Have you run into that before?
      I’m excited to try cucumbers for the first time. Any tips?
      Also, I’m jealous of your blackberry bush 🙂

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      1. This is our first year doing pumpkins in TN, so I’ll let you know. Cucumbers grew really well last year, so I have no advice other than to plant some. They are vine plants. We planted our’s near the house, which is shaded most of the day. Our blackberry bush grows out in the sun, and does well. Even in the wild around here, you will see lots of blackberry bushes. Our daughter, 7, loves eating them as they ripen. Right now they are flowers and, presumably, being pollinated.


  2. This looks promising Lacey!! Loved the tip about the newspaper, clippings etc. Never heard of that– going to show it to Larry (the real gardener around here). All we have is basil and a few tomatoes– waiting to see how your garden grows!! (more photos later please!). Happy Broccoli!! xox

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      1. We are garden amateurs!! so no grass clipping advice– but we have a next door neighbor, Mr. Wicks in his 80’s who has a mini-farm in his backyard and supplies us with oranges and tomato plants and flowers. He’s my garden hero!! Happy planting! take care amazing Lacey! xo


  3. The only small advice I’d give is, don’t get the fresh clippings too close to the veggie plants. The blast of nitrogen and rotting (heat) may burn the leaves near the ground.
    I grow my cucumbers on a fence.
    I always get volunteer cukes, tomatoes, pumpkins and dill. The seeds always seem to plant themselves.

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