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Quick Tip for WordPress bloggers

I’m sure everyone knows this, but I think it’s really helpful to select “open in new window/tab” when adding a link to your post. This way the link will be opened in a new tab and doesn’t take the reader away from your post. Here’s how you can do that just in case you, like me, didn’t realize it.

Select the insert/edit link button.


Then in the dialog box that comes up you can either search from your past posts or copy and paste the link you want to use in the “URL” box. In the “Link Text” box you can enter how you wanted the text to appear that will link what you are adding. But the most helpful thing I find is checking that little “open link in a new window/tab”. Again, that will open the link in a new tab instead of the current tab the reader is on so they won’t be navigated away from your post.


15 thoughts on “Quick Tip for WordPress bloggers

  1. Thank you. I have printed this out so I an absorb and KNOW whether or not I am doing it correctly. A lot of what I have learnt has been trial and error so sincere thanks for info.

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