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I’m taking a social media break.

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The hubs and I are going to try to take the kids fishing this weekend, like for real, but I also need a break in a bigger context. I have been working remotely for 2 months now while distance learning with 2 young school-aged kids with an 18-month-old in tow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being home. But even with my husband’s help, it’s been hard to stay on top of everything.

I’ve been able to throw up a Week in Review post here on BigAndPinkyToes every Friday like usual, and on rare occasions, I have sprinkled in another post here or there. But I don’t think I’ve read any other bloggers’ posts since before quarantine! And that’s not because I don’t want to. I just can’t fit everything in right now.

The other thing is that I am trying to stay connected, but that is also added stress. Not because I don’t want to stay in touch with people, but I need to be extra intentional about how I am doing it. Online or social media platforms are not healthy for me at this specific point in time.

I feel everything in a big way, what others are going through, news stories, big stuff and little stuff going on around me. I know myself, and over the years I’ve learned things like I can’t watch the local news. I listen to NPR. I can’t have a job that works with disadvantaged kids. I will not be able to leave work at work and go home without it affecting me. Recently I have learned that I need to distance myself from social media during major political elections and pandemic outbreaks.

It is not that I can’t control my emotions or am weak. I need a social media break because I am empathetic but also self-preserving. I want to still like people.

At my house, we’ve thought of COVID-19 much like we do the flu. As in, we tend to go out less when that’s going around and try to take precautions so we do not get sick. I don’t feel like my freedoms are being infringed upon. It is so freaking irritating during cold and flu season when I am fighting an uphill battle to keep my family healthy and another family shows up at and event they didn’t want to miss with a sick kid. It may not be a big deal to them, but for me, I HATE seeing my kids sick. Also, I am the breadwinner in our household. At certain times of the year, I may not have enough PTO to be able to get sick. So thank you and your low-grade fever very much.

At my house, if we don’t agree with the way a business is conducting itself, we don’t shop there. We don’t argue or belittle the employees who probably have no say in the polices and are just trying to support themselves.

At my house, we don’t turn everything into a party issue or a political issue or defend someone to the death to save face. We evaluate issues on a case by case basis.

At my house, we try hard to teach our kids to be respectful to one another and other people, even if they don’t agree. If you disagree with anything in this post, that’s fine! But I’m not engaging or responding to any hateful or condescending comments. Be tactful. Be constructive. Don’t be rude.

You know what? I’m tired of hearing and reading about everyone else’s opinions. You might be too. I am going to quit telling you how we do things at my house and just go focus on my house.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be “gone fishing”, but I hope you stay safe and healthy and happy till we catch up again.


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