5 Unique Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

I know we live in a digital age. So it is not hard to send a text or jump on social media to check in on someone. But here are 5 ways to stay connected with a little added depth while social distancing.

  Send a letter to support a good cause.

April is national letter writing month, and there is no better time than now to bring back a forgotten practice. You can also check out the Facebook page of a local calligrapher by clicking here. For $15 Deanna will write and send a beautiful letter on your behalf. All proceeds are being donated to the Save the Children’s Covid-19 fund.

person writing on white paper
Photo by Castorly Stock on


Sidewalk Messages

Talk a walk around your neighborhood with some sidewalk chalk in tow. Stop and leave  kind words, messages, or pictures for those that are getting out for fresh air too.



Try Marco Polo

This app is like texting with video messages. Our family used it before to stay in touch with loved ones who live out of state. Now we are catching up with friends and reading bedtime stories with family members near and far.

Marco Polo


Join an online challenge.

Whatever your cup of tea is, I guarantee there is an online challenge going on for it right now. My favorites are a 30-day art challenge hosted on Instagram by a local shop, DNA Galleries. Each day they post a new prompt that you create a piece from. Then you post it using their hashtag and check out what others made too.

NaNoWriMo is most known for supporting writers during the month of November to crank out entire first drafts of novels. During April and July, they host “camps” too where writers can work on any project or goal. There are plenty of groups to join for brainstorming and support.

A piece my 7-year-old made based on the cubism prompt.


Go for a visit.

I’ve seen and heard several stories were people caught up very carefully in person. They’ve hugged against windows, had a chat from the sidewalk with the other person standing at the front door, or met up on opposite sides of an empty parking lot and with their windows rolled down.


How are you staying connected?



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