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Do you want your blog to be featured?


Bloggers, I have a weekly series I publish every Friday, Week in Review. I give a recap of the week and what I’ve got going on for the weekend. I also highlight 1 blog to encourage readers to check out. If you would like for your blog to be featured, leave a link in the comments. I’ll respond to your comment when it’s your blog’s turn. Feel free to come back after you’ve been highlighted and leave your link again. If you are a sharer, feel free to pass this along.


– LaceyΒ 


104 thoughts on “Do you want your blog to be featured?

    1. Thank you Rhonda. Life gets busy but I wanted 1 consistent thing on the blog at least. The weekly post seems to be okay to keep up with so far, and I can squeeze anything else in when I’m able to.


      1. Thank you so much Rhonda. I kind of copy the format and fill it in as the week goes on but make for sure I am done by Thursday evening. It helps to be able to do bits at a time.


    1. Thanks for participating in my Week in Review series. Your post is highlighted today, and I must say I loved it. Thank you for writing and sharing it.


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