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Do you want your blog to be featured?


Bloggers, I have a weekly series I publish every Friday, Week in Review. I give a recap of the week and what I’ve got going on for the weekend. I also highlight 1 blog to encourage readers to check out. If you would like for your blog to be featured, leave a link in the comments. I’ll respond to your comment when it’s your blog’s turn. If you are a sharer, feel free to pass this along.


– LaceyΒ 



53 thoughts on “Do you want your blog to be featured?

    1. Thank you Rhonda. Life gets busy but I wanted 1 consistent thing on the blog at least. The weekly post seems to be okay to keep up with so far, and I can squeeze anything else in when I’m able to.


      1. Thank you so much Rhonda. I kind of copy the format and fill it in as the week goes on but make for sure I am done by Thursday evening. It helps to be able to do bits at a time.


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