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It’s a Birthday/Blog Anniversary Meet and Greet!

My blog anniversary and my birthday are both at the beginning of January. Last year to celebrate both I hosted a blog meet and greet. It was so fun that I am going to do it again.

We are going to share links of our favorite posts from 2018.

How does it work?

  • Introduce yourself, your blog, and your post in the comments.
  • Include a link to your favorite post from your blog from 2018, and check out the links others leave.
  • Feel free to leave more than 1 link. Leave 1 link per comment though please. That will keep it from getting flagged as spam.
  • Feel free to share on social media or reblog, this post or any that you find in the comments.
  • Come back and keep checking out the comments. I’d be fun to keep this going all week. I think I’ll wrap it up Friday depending on participation.
  • For every link left here I will highlight one a week in my Week in Review series.


Below are my favorite posts over the last year. Click the titles to read any of them.

Big News Received Anticlimactically 



Cookie Butter Swirl Fudge 

cookie butter swirl fudge


The History of Monster

Monster sending the kids off to their first day of school
Monster sending the kids off to their first day of school


Here are the posts chronicling my thoughts on pregnancy. After all, I was pregnant for most of 2018.

1st Trimester Rants

Thoughts from the 2nd Trimester 

The 3rd Trimester Marathon

We are all in love. 


And here is just a montage of my favorite pics over the last year as an incentive to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram. There are a lot of my 4 year old daughter because she is hilarious and loves to pose for the camera.



Okay your turn! Drop your favorite links from 2018 in the comments. Thank you for helping me celebrate 3 years of blogging and 36 years of living.

119 thoughts on “It’s a Birthday/Blog Anniversary Meet and Greet!

  1. I’m Joe Love. I’m the main writer at the Primoweb Collection blog. I have over 25 years experience in the IT industry. My background has given me experience in accounting, job placement, advertising, music, politics and even the Cheer & Dance industry. I’m also involved in several non-profit organizations and have served on several boards in non-profits and local government.

    My blog is a collection of articles on society, Christian values, Oklahoma and, Politics. I focus on being positive and helping us all live a better life. One of the top articles I wrote in 2018 was “7 Tips on helping you land your dream job”.


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    1. Visited joe love. Great advice in his article. Well worth the reading time. I couldn’t find a place to leave a comment or like. Maybe “joe” will see this comment at this party time.


    1. Aw thank you, Rhonda. I appreciate you SO much. Would you have a link you’d like to share? I know you have a bazillion delicious ones or some great book recommendations!


      1. I also enjoyed my trip to this locale but did not leave comment because I do not respond via e-mail except via word press. Good article, well worth reading.


    1. Oh Carol! Welcome and thank you for participating. I had actually just read this post before you commented. Killers of a Flower Moon is one of my most memorable reads of the year too. I just added Educated to my Goodreads list last night. I’ve pinned your post so I can check out the others on the list too.

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  2. Thanks for the invitation, Lacey. I do, indeed, see why you would delight in your beautiful children. Lovely pictures. Introducing myself: I am an 84 year old grandmother who write many kinds of blogs. My intention is to give glory to my God, country, family, friends (including bloggers). I range from “dead” serious to a love of humor. I also participate in several challenges. Hope to catch many readers somewhere in that range. I do return almost all visits. I’ve learned not to say “always” and “all.” 😀 One of my most read and liked posts was called “Karen’s Shoes.” It was a tribute to my sister, ten years my junior, after the death of her husband. Appreciate visitors. I’ll try to come back later to mingle more. Will visit those who have left links before I leave. Karen’s Shoes https://onetahayes.com/2018/12/04/karens-shoes/

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    1. Oh that is a beautiful post, and I am honored you shared it here. Thank you!
      And I do the same with my blog. Post topics have a large range. It’s just whatever I am feeling or up to.

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  3. Happy Birthday! My blog has not officially started but my podcast Moola for Mom just launched and I’d love for y’all to check it out at http://www.camilayne.com

    I talk to moms who are successfully running a business and home as well as share my own journey to starting an online business.

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    1. oh I’ve had that happen several times, write something I like and doesn’t seem to be as well received as other stuff.

      Anyway, about the post, I is true. I feel that way all the time. Internal dialog,’ They wouldn’t have done that if I had done this better….. ‘ It is really a thought pattern I hadn’t been aware of!


  4. Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now, and I’ve enjoyed reading your stories and the photographs of your family! Thank you for taking me along on your journey.

    I’m Dawn, and my husband and I work, live, and travel the United States full time in an RV. While my blog contains some of our experiences and travels, it is also a place for me to just write. I’ll post a link below of a recent experience where giving some advice went a little off center.

    I hope your birthday was wonderful and full of happy moments. Wishing you lots of blessings this coming year.


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    1. Dawn! I’m glad you are participating again. Your blog is so fun. I think I even remember the link you left last year. It was about your dog. I’m heading over to check out this post now.

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    1. Hi Lauren! I’m honored to have you here and relate to your post. I heard the same things from people about having girls. It really made me start to question how females are treated, since those are the reactions envoked even before they are born. But I love your insight❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Hi! My name is Kaitlin and I have a blog titled Walking Through Life. I post about my weight loss journey using weight watchers, spiritual topics, questions to be discussed, and just my life in general. One of my posts from 2018 that I like is about looking outward. A lot of times we get caught up in ourselves and forget to look our for other people. Head on over to my blog at walking-through-life.com and see my post https://walking-through-life.com/2018/08/07/looking-outward/

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    1. Kaitlin! Welcome! I’m so happy you joined. Honestly the link you shared is perfect. I was just thinking about this last night actually. I used to seek out opportunities to help and listen. Now I am very self absorbed in my own family. Maybe it’s a season? Because sometimes I feel like just focusing on them is all I can do time wise. Anyway you made a lot of great points on a very relevant topic. Thank you!

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  6. Happy Birthday and happy blogging anniversary.!!!!
    I’m Jannat. I’ve my personal blog called DuskAlert. You can find anything here from the poetry to the short stories to the prompts to the drawings to the birthday posts to everything you’ll be interested in. I’m sure once you stop by my blog, it will not disappoint you.
    I would love to see each one of you as visitors to my blog. I invite you all to visit my blog and show some love. Thank you in advance.! 💕🙏

    Here’s my favourite links from 2018. They’re like short/brief quotes. Won’t take much time and you’ll definitely love them.




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      1. Hello ! How’s you ?
        Thank you so much for an invitation and more than happy to participate in that. Actually I’m new to this meet and greet, I don’t know how it works. I’m sorry ! But I really want to be a part of this. Can you please tell me when it is ?
        Xxx 💕

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  7. Happy Birthday Lacey..And Happy 2019… Have a wonderful year ahead.
    Today, when a lot of people run behind the “extraordinary”, I truly believe that Ordinary is Beautiful. This is a blog post about how ordinary and beautiful life can be.. Hope the readers enjoy the post. I look forward to meeting a greeting many new people here. Thanks for the opportunity, Lacey..

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  8. Happy belated birthday Lacey! I hope you had a wonderful celebration the whole day long.

    Also Congrats on your blog anniversary, Keep up the good work on writing and making us smile, your post are always fun and very real & enjoy them 😀


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  9. Happy Birthday, Lacey!! I hope it’s the best year yet!

    Introducing myself; My name is Laura Beth Vardaro. I blog at Hot Shot Headlines, which is where I share posts about mass media, journalism, books, reading, writing prompts, fun tags, and more! I currently work as an analyst for a regional health system in Virginia. But, my true passions are reading, fiction writing, and American Girl dolls.

    Here are a few posts from 2018:






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  10. Just found this post in my Reader! I’m Emily and I write on emilyjoyceblog.com!

    Happiest of birthdays to you! I also celebrated a birthday this week, it’s kinda fun to have a birthday around the beginning of the year, it’s like everything resets at the same time!

    I just started blogging again in December so I don’t have a ton of posts to choose from, but it seems appropriate to share my first post on this blog!

    My intro post: https://emilyjoyceblog.com/2018/12/06/welcome-to-emily-joyce-blog/

    Thank you for allowing others to share and allowing me to crash your party 😉

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      1. Ack! That was what I’m worried and curious about. I’m monitoring the whole process. It’s amazing how fast things accumulate. That’s my big question though…how long will it stay this way?! How can I keep it from overflowing? It’s a whole year journey. Can’t wait to reflect at the end of the year!


  11. First of all, Lacey THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful chance to meet and connect with new bloggers! I appreciate your leadership. You also have a very beautiful family!

    Whenever you all get the chance, I’d love for you to check out my blog! It thrives off of encouraging and empowering people all around this world to live their absolute best life !! Thanks is advance!! My site is http://www.jessierenea.com
    and my latest post today is https://jessierenea.com/dont-fight-battles-that-dont-matter/

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    1. Thank you for sharing. It gives so much to think about, culture, religion, sexuality. Very thoughtful. I’ll ping you back when I link it in a Week in Review!


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